HIV & STI Screening

There are lots of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) other than HIV out there. Condoms protect you from most STIs, but some infections spread so easily that they can get past a condom. Syphilis is an example of this kind of highly contagious STI and it is on the rise in New Zealand.

So, if you are having sex with a number of casual partners, even if you are wearing a condom most of the time, it’s really important to get tested for STIs on a regular basis.

If you live in a major center in New Zealand the easiest way to check for STIs is through your local Sexual Health Clinic. Search ‘sexual health clinic’ and the name of the closest big center e.g. ‘Auckland’ ‘Christchurch’. These clinics employ doctors who are experts in sexual health and they will do the right tests for you – usually for free. All of your information will be kept 100% confidential.

You can also get a full STI screen through your local doctor – this will cost you the normal consultation fee.

If you have any questions about getting tested for STIs get in touch with the Pamoja team and we’ll do what we can to help.